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Intelligent Decision Support is the key to Improved Performance, Reduced Cost and Optimized Employment of Resources

Who We Are:

Your organization is a complex adaptive system, shouldn't you be using tools designed to harness this complexity to manage it?

Cougaar Software, Inc. is a leader in Intelligent Decision Support - we help organizations make better decisions, faster. We understand Big Data. We understand Cloud Computing. But those are not the real challenges facing most organizations today - its about making sense of large and diverse data to better utilize limited resources while improving effectiveness and productivity. The heart of the problem is not the data - its the intelligent automation and reasoning over your complex adaptive systems and its surrounding ecosystem, also known as your organization, in order to allow individuals to do more with less. What would it mean if you could perform more in-depth reasoning, draw more analytic conclusions, explore more options - in less time and with less effort? What if you could regularly make Better Decisions, Faster?

We enhance an organizations current capabilities by allowing them to make more complex decisions faster, with greater confidence, and with full consideration of the available masses of data. We do this through a combination of automation, artificial intelligence software techniques, optimization and advanced knowledge management. In short, we take all the difficult, time-consuming parts of the analysis leading up to a good decision, including all the data processing and analysis, and put them into the computer. The computer then provides analysis results and options with intuitive user interfaces that empower decision makers to quickly understand and make better decisions. We enhance your effectiveness through intelligent decision support.

Better Decisions, Faster.

What We Do:

We deliver turn-key custom solutions as well as provide technologies and training for development teams to develop next generation intelligent decision support solutions addressing today's toughest organizational problems. We use a framework of intelligent cognitive agents, utilizing a variety of artificial intelligence and optimization techniques, to form advanced distributed solutions that are secure, scalable and highly automated.

How We Do It:

Our flagship product, ActiveEdge®, is a full featured development platform for creating distributed, intelligent decision support solutions. We provide design, development and integration services for ActiveEdge and Open Source Cougaar, as well as training and technical support. Our typical intelligent decision support solution addresses large, complex problems with significant amounts of data which must be reasoned over and acted upon in near real-time. We specialize in designing and building systems around the Sense & Respond paradigm, and can span the spectrum from event monitoring of sensor devices to to distributed collaborative planning and advanced decision support. Our platform is domain independent, allowing us to create solutions in logistics, operations, planning, retail and other functional areas.

How We Fit into the Enterprise:

ActiveEdge Intelligent Decision Support Solutions do not require a wholesale re-engineering of the enterprise, rather they easily integrate with existing systems to form a thin layer of intelligence augmenting current capabilities with more automation, reasoning and decision making power. A core component of our approach to intelligent decision support is the creation and utilization of rich situational representations for reasoning and decision support. These situations are defined using a sophisticated object-semantic model and managed by an advanced situational reasoning engine. The representation and engine allow us to create high-fidelity distributed representations of the situation, which then serves as the basis for deep reasoning, planning, visualization and decision support. Our open architecture approach allows us to integrate using web services, SQL/JDBC, JMS, RMI, XML data feeds, and custom interfaces. Processing and fusing this data into a rich situational picture, and using this situational representation as the basis for advanced decision support, is an economical way to add capabilities and automation to existing investments. ActiveEdge can cost effectively add situational intelligence and reasoning to your existing enterprise infrastructure.

A Thin Layer of Intelligence to Significantly Enhance
Contemporary Enterprise Systems

Click here to learn more about our Situational Reasoning Framework and how it can be used to create Situationally Aware Intelligent Decision Support solutions.

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