Internet of Things (IoT)

The interconnection of these embedded devices is expected to lead automation in nearly all fields, while also supporting advanced/intelligent applications. Cougaar Software, Inc.’s (CSI’s) Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities can leverage the data gathered from mobile, virtual, and instantaneous connections of sensors and machines and analyze this data in real time.

IoT is an exciting emerging area where micro technologies like MEMs and small embedded computers are being combined with wireless network technologies to create smart connected devices that could dramatically improve our lives. CSI is interested in two aspects of this technology: (1) utilizing improved sensing and actuating to do deeper situational awareness and reasoning and (2) pushing more intelligence down to these devices to achieve intelligent reasoning and processing at the ‘edges’ of the network.

Since real time situational understanding is heavily dependent on high quality, timely data, IoT provides a low cost means of capturing and providing that data in ways never before possible. As more data, and higher quality data is made instantly available, new types of reasoning can be performed to gain new insights and better control.

Ultimately, we would like to move much of the data processing as close to the point of capture as possible. Moving cognitive computing technologies onto IoT devices allows the device to produce information, rather than just data. Information has the advantages of being more compact that data, reducing downstream processing time and effort, and empower smart dissemination to where the information is needed meaning more timely and precise delivery. As IoT devices become more capable, CSI is exploring how much intelligence can be embedded on these systems, and how they form a computation fabric working in concert with high level nodes having greater computational capabilities to perform complex, orchestrated functions. Whether passive devices in the environment, or robotics systems moving through it, increasing the intelligence and capabilities through embedded cognitive computing could yield even greater benefits from this powerful emerging technology.