Adaptive Planning

Whether planning a military operation or a disaster response, today’s complex environments require robust plans that can dynamically adjust as situations change. Cougaar Software, Inc.’s (CSI’s) adaptive planning systems enable unparalleled collaboration and communication between echelons and across traditional stovepipes.

“No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”
Military strategist Helmuth von Moltke

Current military planning processes require an inordinate amount of slow, sequential manual production. Planning elsewhere in government and in the commercial world is similarly encumbered. These antiquated processes cannot possibly leverage the volumes of data available via the rich net-centric environment, and the resulting plans, orders and directives cannot sufficiently respond to the dynamics of a modern marketplace, let alone a battlespace.

Adaptive Planning and Execution (APEX), first outlined by the US Department of Defense in 2005, allows users to build and manage plans so that they will continue to be effective tools throughout execution. The result is a “Living Plan.” CSI’s Adaptive Planning (AP) Framework provides a suite of planning and decision support tools integrated with a secure distributed infrastructure that implements this “Living Plan” in complex military or commercial environments.

CSI’s AP Framework is the first operational APEX capability with an implementation of the Living Plan concept. Leveraging intelligent software agents to implement Sense & Respond (S&R) operational concepts, the AP Framework is the core “engine” driving the Marine Corps Adaptive Planning (MCAP) capability, an Office of Naval Research sponsored prototype. CSI’s AP Framework can be tailored to a specific domain based on that domain’s unique characteristics and the characteristics of the user’s organization.

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