Technical Team

Cougaar Software, Inc. has an experienced technical team with extensive distributed computing, artificial intelligence, and operations research knowledge.

Angela Governale, PhD
Senior Operations Research Engineer

Dr. Governale is the Senior Operations Research Engineer of CSI. She has experience working on various government and military efforts that have dealt with advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, intelligent agents, data analytics, optimization, and situational awareness in such areas as Command & Control (C2), military logistics, and Internet of Things (IoT) supervisory control. With her extensive Operations Research experience, Dr. Governale has provided expertise in simulation, optimization, and data analytics. She has worked on projects involving the application of predictive analytic techniques including regression analysis and machine learning. She has also helped implement state-of-art machine learning techniques for supervisory control of embedded sensors and genetic algorithms for intelligent planning and execution automation technologies in the military. Prior to working at CSI, Dr. Governale was working in the Applied Research Lab (ARL) at Pennsylvania State University, one of the leading research universities in the nation that serves as a University Center of Excellence in Defense science, systems, and technologies with a focus in naval missions and related areas. Her work at ARL focused on applying Agent Based Modeling for Navy manpower planning. She received her PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the Pennsylvania State University in 2019.