Predictive Analytics

Organizations must effectively interact with dynamic circumstances to achieve their objectives whether dealing with enemy action or volatile market conditions. Cougaar Software, Inc.’s (CSI’s) predictive analytics help customers to rapidly process complex data, learn patterns, and adapt to evolving trends.

A key to doing that is the use of predictive analytics, which utilizes a combination modeling, statistical analysis, and situated prediction analytics to extrapolate from historical data, trend data, and situational information what is likely to occur in the future. We have used this technique effectively in a variety of domains to better predict demand, predict inventory levels, and even predict systems behavior in the face of uncertainty and variability.

Predictive analytics is a powerful tool and like any tool the better it works, the more informed you can be and the better your decisions will be. When you couple predictive analytics with intelligent decision support, you can also have time-sensitive recommendations and assessments of the cost, time, and resource impacts of each decision option.

CSI’s intelligent decision support technologies incorporate predictive analytics capabilities to provide the best solutions. Learn more