Health Care

Current Health Care Status

The current health care industry involves a large and complex network of organizations, including health care providers, health information providers, pharmaceutical firms, and research labs, that all have roles in improving the health outcome of patients. Each component of this network must manage a large volume of health care data that continues to grow with technology innovations and added methods of obtaining patient information. Organizations within the health care industry must find a way to manage the growing volumes of dense and unstructured data in order to use this information to provide patients with the best care.

Dealing with Data

Health care providers, administrators, insurers, researchers, and patients have benefited from the rise of health care technologies including medical devices, electronic medical records, and wearable sensors. While these technologies provide more data and more information regarding the patient and diseases that may affect patients, users are still searching for the best methods to extract information from these dense data sets. The health care industry needs a cost-effective solution that can manage, analyze, share, and secure the volume and variety of health care data and improve the care provided to patients.

Our Technology with Health Care

Cougaar Software, Inc.’s (CSI’s) cognitive computing systems not only have the ability to help doctors, nurses, administrators, and researchers to find patterns but also enable them to detect outliers in data in order to discover new treatments, improve efficiency, and treat patients more effectively. Our technologies have powerful predictive analytics capabilities based on artificial intelligence and operations research concepts that are able to extract the needed information from the volumes of data available. As IoT devices become more capable and part of the health care industry, CSI can embed technology in these systems to capture, provide, and interpret health care data in ways never before possible. With CSI’s adaptive planning capabilities, health care organizations are able anticipate the implications and recommending options to avoid or mitigate any situations from disease spread to health care fraud.