Military & DOD

Military & DOD Environment

Modern military command centers and staffs operate in a demanding, rapidly evolving battlespace environment, with data and information streaming in so fast and in such volumes that defies timely and effective processing. Leaders and planners must make rapid decisions and/or quickly respond despite significant uncertainty. Despite the realities of that uncertainty or fog of war, collaboration within chains of command, across Services, and among coalition partners is essential to achieve “Unity of Effort.” Decisions makers must operate within the parameters of their authority, share knowledge securely, document their decisions, coordinate with others, and track their actions for analysis and after-action review.

Essential Support Requirements

The military community depends on timely collection, analysis, and information sharing in a secure environment. Secure shared situational awareness is essential for effective integrated operations—warfighters must understand current battlespace conditions and adversary status (Intelligence), the status of current and future planned operations (Command & Control), as well as the state of capabilities and supplies (Logistics). Command centers must maintain connection with warfighters in the field to track mission progress and to redirect forces as necessary. The volume of data for which warfighters are individually or collectively responsible for is overwhelming—decision support systems must provide a way to reduce the warfighters’ cognitive load while increasing the fidelity of their decisions. Operations and decisions must be supported by automated non-reputable data collection, event monitoring, information fusion, and analytics—allowing the humans to do what they do best—to make and act upon sound, justified decisions, while leaving the machines do what they do best—number crunching. Warfighters must continue to perform all of their responsibilities virtually seamlessly despite geographical distribution, limited bandwidth, and intermittent connectivity.

CSI’s Cognitive Computing and ActiveEdge® Platform

Cougaar Software, Inc.’s (CSI’s) cognitive computing and decision support solutions help warfighters plan for and execute operations through applications that rapidly ingest and process mission-critical data. CSI’s platform, ActiveEdge®, supports the development of intelligent software agent systems while incorporating the advanced security, scalability, and resiliency technologies essential for military operations. Intelligent agents perform parallel autonomous processing of data received through sensors or system feeds, reason over data, and can direct processing toward achieving objectives–including sharing data with other agents and initiating actions. CSI uses ActiveEdge® to emulate human cognitive processes that support sense and respond analytics and controls, machine-learning, adaptive planning and execution, and other applications that require massive data collection and analysis, distributed parallel processing, and secure information sharing.

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