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Every organization is built differently and faces unique challenges. Based on a combination of relevant factors, including, strategic goals, environmental conditions and your specific circumstances, our team can help you develop a solution that will enable your organization to:

  • Increase the intelligent use of information
  • Reduce uncertainty in operations
  • Stay ahead in a competitive environment

How We Help Our Clients

Using ActiveEdge® combined with existing reasoning and analytic modules, open source AI technologies, methodology, and our knowledge of intelligent systems, we provide a low-risk, high-payoff solution that will help you achieve your objectives.

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Adaptive planningAdaptive Planning

Whether planning a military operation or a disaster response, today’s complex environments require robust plans that can dynamically adjust as situations change. Cougaar Software, Inc.’s (CSI’s) adaptive planning systems enable unparalleled collaboration and communication between echelons and across traditional stovepipes. Learn more

Predictive Analytics

Organizations must effectively interact with dynamic circumstances to achieve their objectives whether dealing with enemy action or volatile market conditions. CSI’s predictive analytics help customers to rapidly process complex data, learn patterns, and adapt to evolving trends. Learn more

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

All organizations can benefit from systems with intelligent behavior that perceives its environment and takes or recommends actions that maximize its chances of success. AI concepts, such as reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning and communication, are all brought together in the CSI’s signature product, ActiveEdge®. Learn more

Internet of ThingsInternet of Things

The interconnection of these embedded devices is expected to lead automation in nearly all fields, while also supporting advanced/intelligent applications. CSI’s IoT capabilities can leverage the data gathered from mobile, virtual, and instantaneous connections of sensors and machines and analyze this data in real time. Learn more


Read about the impact our products could have on your domain.

 Military Adaptive Planning

In this hypothetical scenario, we explore a military response to a crisis in a remote geographic area with a complex political and security environmental.
Learn more

 Anticipatory Logistics

In this hypothetical scenario, we explore the complex unpredictability of today’s supply chains that require agile technology to deal with disruptions.
Learn more

 Homeland Defense

In this hypothetical scenario, we explore a response to a biological disease outbreak (National Planning Scenario #3) requiring a rapid and comprehensive response on a national scale.
Learn more

 Brilliant Buildings

In this hypothetical scenario, we explore how the management and utilization of valuable resources within residential and commercial buildings can be improved by the application of distributed software agents and cognitive computing.
Learn more