Cougaar Software, Inc. (CSI) helps customers in government and commercial markets conquer the complexity of their domains to attain a competitive edge. CSI has cognitive computing experience and expertise in a wide range of industries.

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 Military & DOD

Our solutions help warfighters plan for and execute operations through applications that rapidly ingest and process mission-critical data. These applications are based on CSI’s agent-based platform, ActiveEdge®, which incorporates the advanced security, scalability and resiliency technologies essential for military operations.
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ActiveEdge® can provide a comprehensive infrastructure or an intelligent reasoning layer to augment existing enterprise systems. The result is a distributed, collaborative decision support capability that enhances operational planning and execution.
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 Supply Chain

Managers facing complex and data-rich environments of today’s dynamic supply chains can benefit from CSI’s planning, resource management, and optimization capabilities. The reasoning and learning capabilities of our cognitive software agents provide powerful enhancements to prevailing supply chain management techniques.
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 Smart & Green Buildings

Energy demand and consumption can be managed across a building or complex using CSI’s sense and respond planning and execution technologies. Through automated situational-awareness, buildings operate with greater efficiency and control while enhancing the well-being of occupants and the environment.
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 Health Care

CSI’s cognitive computing systems help doctors, nurses, and administrators better utilize resources, manage inventories, leverage available data, and streamline processes to provide better care. Distributed, collaborative planning and execution management ensures improved performance and outcomes, safeguarding both patients and organizations.
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