Marine Corps Adaptive Planning (MCAP)

MCAP is a multi-year S&T effort sponsored by ONR establishing an Adaptive Planning and Execution (APEX) capability integrating Operations, Intelligence and Logistics. MCAP leverages intelligent software agents to support the MAGTF with distributed, collaborative, tactical planning and execution management supported by shared situational awareness. MCAP’s “Living Plan” integrates essential mission plans, resource requirements, and situational information into representations that are understood and reasoned over by humans and computers alike. Using this continuously updated network, MCAP assesses missions during planning and execution to identify risks and to alert commands of events and changes to critical battlespace conditions.

MCAP Software Demonstration

What is It?

  • Dynamic Living Plan Management: One of the first implementations in accordance with DoD Adaptive Planning Roadmap II.
  • Asset Management & Strategies: Automated resource planning and time-phased demand estimation.
  • Distribution Network Modeling: Support for reasoning over multimode distribution management.
  • Event & Plan Execution Management: Integrating Intel, Ops, & Logistics.

How Does It Work?

  • Rich semantic representation of Living Plan allows system to reason over mission details (Who, What, Where, When, Why & How)
  • Intelligent agents monitor battlespace and mission execution to maintain shared situational awareness and alert Commands of significant events

What Will It Accomplish?

  • Automated support for integration of concurrent mission planning, assessment & execution.
  • Dramatic improvement of distributed, collaborative planning across the tactical battlespace.
  • Aligning of Ops and Log planning activities/resources to ensure combat effectiveness

For more information, please read the MCAP Overview.