About Cougaar Software, Inc. (CSI)

Whether it’s on the battlefield or in the boardroom, CSI’s intelligent systems help leaders make mission-critical decisions with confidence.

Cognitive Computing: Changing the Way Businesses Make Decisions Today

“A new generation of an information system is emerging that departs from the old model of computing as process automation to provide a collaborative platform for discovery.”
Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics
Hurwitz, Kaufman, Bowles, 2015

Cognitive computing emulates the human thought processes and uses a hybrid approach of advanced algorithms and operations research techniques to turn data into actionable knowledge. Advances in the technology itself, along with the advent of Big Data and other computing developments, have set the stage for widespread use of cognitive computing to produce intelligent applications.

In today’s data-driven world, organizations are turning to cognitive computing to help them make more informed decisions in time-critical situations. This advancement in decision-making provides organizations with real-time visibility and enhanced situational understanding. The results include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced cognitive load
  • Clear competitive advantage

“Progress is being made on the longer term vision of achieving true artificial intelligence (AI). CSI is one of the leading companies advancing the application of software agent technology towards realizing the power and true potential of cognitive computing.”
Dr. Todd Carrico, President and CEO

Helping Customers Make Mission-Critical Decisions

“Weeks of work reduced to a few minutes”
Distribution Management Center Manager at Army Sustainment Command

CSI is on the forefront of the cognitive computing movement. Based on the Cognitive Agent Architecture (Cougaar) research performed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) more than a decade ago, CSI has worked with a wide range of clients in the government and commercial sectors, to grow and evolve this innovative technology while providing powerful solutions to complex customer problems.

CSI uses advanced technological concepts, originally developed to manage global military logistics, to build government and commercial systems that:

  • Facilitate more-informed decisions
  • Improve situational understanding
  • Improve human performance and effectiveness


Our platform, ActiveEdge®, uses a distributed intelligent agent architecture based on a human cognitive model of reasoning and planning. The model captures the essence of how humans observe, reason, plan and act, allowing customers to automate portions of critical decision-making processes.

Designed to transform data from complex processes into usable knowledge, ActiveEdge® creates an understandable real-time picture of current enterprise operations. Learn more