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Conquering Complexity–Agents and Emergent Behavior

This excerpt from Conquering Complexity (Springer, 2012) describes agents and the emergent behavior observed in agent architectures. New technologies continually emerge and mature as people, organizations, and operational disciplines rapidly adapt to the technology infusion. Innovations are constantly and unpredictably being adopted, rapidly evolving from novelties to conveniences to essential elements of our society and economy. The onset of the internet, virtual ubiquitous connectivity, and global access to data and people has significantly increased the complexity of individual, commercial, government and military operations. As systems and sensors proliferate on the networks across the world, people are inundated with an ever increasing deluge of information and conflicting considerations for making critical decisions. At exponential rates, our lives, responsibilities and environments are becoming increasingly more complex. Those that can manage or even conquer complexity will remain competitive and survive; those that cannot will perish—either metaphorically or literally.

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