Cougaar Software, Inc. (CSI) was formed in 2001 to transition advanced agent technologies resulting from extensive military research to real world commercial and military applications.

CSI’s heritage dates to 1996 when the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) decided that intelligent distributed agents was the key to solving the most complex military logistics problems. DARPA invested heavily in creating the most advanced information technology architecture ever conceived, enlisting the best and brightest from the research community, to create what later became known as the Cognitive Agent Architecture (Cougaar). DARPA later made the Cougaar technology open source under a modified BSD license. An exceptionally capable, stable, extensible and resilient framework, Cougaar is applicable to many complex domains and problem sets. CSI has built our company around the Cougaar architecture, extending it and growing it into a agent computing platform known as ActiveEdge®, which today serves all our solutions development.

In recent years, the advent of cloud computing, inexpensive processing, and more efficient bandwidth management have enabled increasingly capable cognitive agent architectural solutions. These factors, among others, have generated new interest and momentum in the field and a new term, cognitive computing, to describe technologies like the Cougaar architecture and ActiveEdge®. Today, cognitive computing solutions are being developed for fields as diverse as healthcare, energy, and disaster response. The magnitude of the technology’s impact is just beginning to be felt.

CSI’s solutions represent some of the most advanced cognitive agent capabilities in existence and have proven themselves in a number of application domains. At CSI, we are excited about the world changing potential of cognitive computing, and we stand ready to help you and your organization leverage this potential.